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What Is Morpheus8?

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A woman laying down at an aesthetics clinic receiving Morpheus8 Treatment.

Navigating the landscape of aesthetic treatments can be as complex as it is exciting. Among the innovative solutions arriving on the scene, one name has been generating considerable buzz—Morpheus8. But what exactly is this talked-about procedure, and what can it offer you?

Morpheus8 uses the combination of microneedling with radiofrequency (RF) energy to target deep layers of the skin. This technology delivers both thermal and mechanical damage to stimulate collagen production. By delivering heat and creating tiny punctures in the skin, Morpheus8 triggers the body’s natural healing response, encouraging new collagen growth for a smoother, firmer complexion.

The Essence of Morpheus8

Morpheus8 is a minimally invasive treatment designed to refresh and rejuvenate the skin. The key element that sets Morpheus8 apart is its ability to stimulate collagen production within the underlying layers of the dermis, therefore paving the way for firmer, smoother, and younger-looking skin.

Candidates for RF Microneedling

RF microneedling is suitable for all skin types and can be used on various areas of the body, including the face, neck, chest, and hands. It is an excellent option for individuals looking to improve mild to moderate signs of aging or scarring without undergoing invasive procedures or surgeries. 

However, it is important to note that RF microneedling may not be as effective for severe skin conditions or deep wrinkles.

Ideal candidates for Morpheus8 are those looking to:

  • Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improve skin laxity and achieve a tighter, more youthful complexion
  • Diminish acne scars and other types of textural irregularities
  • Seek out a nonsurgical facelift alternative
  • Find a solution suitable for both men and women

If your goal is to refine and revitalize without the commitment of traditional surgery, Morpheus8 may very well be your match.

How to Prepare for a Morpheus8 Procedure

To prepare for the Morpheus8 procedure, you must follow a few simple steps. First, avoid direct sun exposure and tanning beds for at least 2 weeks before your treatment. This will help prevent potential complications or adverse reactions during the procedure. 

It is also recommended that you stop using any harsh skincare products or medications that may irritate the skin. On the day of your procedure, make sure to arrive with clean skin, free of makeup, moisturizers, or other products. 

A woman at an aesthetics clinic being treated with Morpheus8.

What to Expect During Treatment

During a Morpheus8 RF microneedling session, the practitioner will first clean and numb the treatment area. The procedure may cause some discomfort, but most individuals tolerate it well with the use of numbing cream and topical anesthesia.

A handheld device with tiny needles attached will then be passed over the skin, creating microchannels in the targeted areas. The addition of radiofrequency energy stimulates collagen production and tightens existing collagen fibers, resulting in smoother, firmer skin. The depth of penetration can be adjusted based on individual needs, allowing for customizable results. 

Treatment times can vary depending on the size and number of areas being treated, but they typically last between 30 minutes and an hour. After the treatment, the area is soothed with calming serums or creams to enhance the healing process.

The Post-Procedure Experience

Post-treatment care is just as critical as the treatment itself. Expect some minor redness and swelling, akin to a moderate sunburn, that should diminish in the following days. The skin may appear slightly pink or flushed for a few days, but makeup can be applied to conceal any temporary discolouration. 

Patients may experience some mild discomfort or tenderness in the treated area, but this can easily be managed with over-the-counter pain medication. It’s vital to keep the treated area protected from direct sun exposure and follow any specific aftercare instructions provided by your aesthetician.

Celebrating the Benefits

The allure of Morpheus8 is anchored by a variety of benefits that appeal to those seeking a nonsurgical solution:

  • Collagen stimulation reignites the youthful elasticity of your skin.
  • Tightened skin translates to a more sculpted appearance, gently redefining facial contours and smoothing body areas.
  • With fractional technology, Morpheus8 achieves standout results with minimal downtime.
  • Safe for all skin tones, Morpheus8 harmonises with your natural complexion, enhancing without overriding.

Possible Side Effects

Morpheus8 is generally well-tolerated with minimal side effects. Some patients may experience mild discomfort or bruising at the treatment site, but this should subside within a few days. In rare cases, temporary changes in skin pigmentation or scarring may occur, but these are very uncommon and typically resolve on their own.

If you have any concerns or questions about your Morpheus8 treatment, do not hesitate to contact your provider for further guidance and support.

Continuous Care & Results

You’ll notice initial improvements soon after the procedure, but the true magic of Morpheus8 unfolds over time. Collagen production is a gradual affair, which means your skin’s transformation will continue to develop in the months following your treatment. 

However, based on your individual skincare goals, a series of sessions might be recommended. Maintenance treatments every 6–12 months are typically recommended. It is also essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle and skincare routine to maximize the effects of Morpheus8. 

Your Journey Begins Here

If Morpheus8 sounds like a therapy that you are interested in, the next step is to consult with a licensed professional who can fine-tune this treatment for your personal goals. 

We would be delighted to answer your questions, guide you through options, and help you schedule a Morpheus8 session tailored just for you. Rejuvenation is just an appointment away. Contact us at Southwood Aesthetics to take the first step toward imbuing your skin with renewed vitality.

Written by Dr. Shmyla Chaudhery

Dr. Shmyla Chaudhery was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She obtained a Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Manitoba and later completed the Doctor of Optometry program at Illinois College of Optometry graduating with Magna Cum Laude honours. Dr. Chaudhery is also a member of the Beta Sigma Kappa International Optometric Honor Society and the Tomb and Key Honor Fraternity. She has experience with pediatric eye exams, ocular disease, specialty contact lenses, and vision therapy. During her spare time, she enjoys playing badminton and spending time with her husband and kids.
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