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Diabetes & Your Eye Health

Diabetes affects over 3.3 million Canadians and raises their risks for potentially serious eye diseases. If you live with diabetes, you should be extra diligent about seeing your optometrist for regular eye exams and following their recommendations.

Not all diabetic eye diseases show noticeable symptoms until they have become severe, so your eye doctor’s expertise will be vital for catching them before that happens. Trust the optometrists at our practice to monitor your risk factors effectively.

Common Diabetic Eye Diseases

Diabetic Retinopathy & Diabetic Macular Edema

Diabetes leads to high blood sugar, which can damage the blood vessels connected to your retina. The resulting condition is called diabetic retinopathy, and it can cause severe vision loss.

Diabetic retinopathy can lead to diabetic macular edema without proper care. This condition causes the macula—a part of the retina responsible for central vision—to swell, impairing its ability to function properly. Diabetic macular edema can make it hard to read, drive, and perform many other everyday activities.

Glaucoma is a class of eye diseases related to optic nerve damage. It has several forms—some appear quickly and are medical emergencies, whereas others can develop over years and may not show symptoms until some of your vision has already been lost.

All forms of glaucoma can cause blindness without proper care, so early diagnosis and intervention are critical for preserving functional vision. Having diabetes makes you twice as likely to develop the most common kind of glaucoma, so our eye doctors test for this disease during every diabetic eye exam and can create plans to manage it if it appears.

A cataract appears when proteins form inside the lens of your eye, turning it cloudy and opaque over time. If you have diabetes, you are more likely to experience cataracts than people who do not.

Cataracts can be controlled for a while with glasses and contact lenses, but the only way to restore the vision they have impaired is with cataract surgery. During cataract surgery, your ophthalmologist will remove the affected lens and replace it with a clear synthetic one.

How Often to Have Diabetic Eye Exams

People with diabetes should have comprehensive eye exams annually. More chances to catch diabetic eye diseases usually means more time to manage them if they appear. In some cases, an eye exam can even show signs of diabetes in people who do not know they have it yet.

Our eye doctors are ready to help you monitor the ocular health risks that come with diabetes. Please book your next eye exam at our practice and let us help.

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