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Southwood Eyecare is your destination for relief from the uncomfortable symptoms of dry eye disease. 

It’s important to treat dry eye disease to avoid further complications such as eye infections, inflammation, or damage to the eye’s surface. We’ll accurately evaluate your eyes to determine the right solution for you. Visit us today to find relief.

The 2 Types of Dry Eye

Dry eye disease occurs when you don’t produce enough tears, or your tears don’t provide an adequate amount of lubrication. This is known as aqueous dry eye and evaporative dry eye. 

Aqueous Dry Eye—occurs when the lacrimal glands in your eye don’t produce enough fluid. The fluid in your tear film is responsible for hydrating your eyes and washing away bacteria and debris. 

Evaporative Dry Eye—a more common form of dry eye and occurs when your tears lack oil, often due to the meibomian glands being clogged. This is known as meibomian gland dysfunction. The meibomian glands produce the oil, which prevents your tears from evaporating too quickly. 

Depending on what’s causing your dry eye, we’ll recommend a solution to best relieve your symptoms.

Dealing with Dry Eye

Our eye doctors might suggest one or more of the following therapies for your dry eye symptoms:

  • Artificial Tears reduce symptoms by supplying additional moisture to your eyes.
  • Prescription drops such as Restasis, Xiidra, and low-dose steroids provide anti-inflammatory properties and can often reduce even severe dry eye symptoms. 
  • Biological tear substitutes, such as autologous serum, are an effective option in more advanced dry eye cases where prescriptions drops are not enough.
  • Blephex is an in-office procedure your eye doctor can administer to remove bacteria and toxins from your eyelids that can cause inflammation.
  • Heating Masks apply mild pressure and warmth to fight inflammation. The home therapy treatment can improve meibomian oil gland function and slow down tear evaporation.
  • Eyelid-Cleansing Wipes clean debris from eyelids and lashes to soothe and reduce irritation.
  • Lumecca IPL is an intense pulsed light (IPL) treatment that reduces inflammation on the eyelids by targeting abnormal blood vessels and reducing demodex overpopulation. Lumecca IPL stabilizes the tear film, lightens pigment spots, and improves meibomian gland function. IPL can improve dry eyes, ocular rosacea, blepharitis, and also has aesthetic benefits.
  • RF (Forma & Forma-I), a radiofrequency treatment, delivers effective heat to unclog the oil glands. The oil is simultaneously expressed by the pressure and movement of the applicator. RF improves dry eye by reducing tear evaporation and preserving the meibomian glands. An added benefit of RF is skin tightening around the eyes. 
  • Punctal occlusion uses temporary or permanent punctual plugs to help decrease tear drainage and allow for more tears to stay on the surface of the eyes.

Our Featured Dry Eye Strategies

Equipped with modern technology and a passion for care, we’re here to give your eyes the attention they deserve.We’ve handpicked a range of strategies with a focus on personalized treatments—a testament to our commitment to alleviating symptoms and getting to the root causes of dry eye. Among our comprehensive array of strategies, we’re proud to offer BlephEx and ZEST—both of which help us not only comfort your eyes but provide long-lasting results.


BlephEx is a stand-out treatment for alleviating dry eye discomfort. 

This in-office procedure uses precise micro-sponge technology to gently exfoliate your eyelids, targeting bacteria overgrowth that leads to biofilm buildup. With BlephEx, we can help reduce itching, redness, and irritation to promote healthier, more comfortable eyes.

ZEST works to deeply cleanse and eliminate mites, bacteria, and debris around your eyelids and eyelashes. Think of ZEST as a deep shampoo for your eyelashes—one that helps reduce discomfort and inflammation.

At the heart of ZEST is a refined okra extract, renowned for its skin-soothing properties. This extract not only deep cleans but also calms inflammation, providing immediate relief and long-lasting improvement in dry eye symptoms.

Alleviate Your Symptoms

Your eye health is our passion. Visit us today to discover the solution to your dry eyes and live a life in comfort and with clear vision.

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