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Eye Emergencies Require Eye Care Experts

Eye emergencies are time-sensitive threats to your ocular health or vision, which means you need to take care of them quickly. But you cannot do it alone.

Only an experienced eye doctor is qualified to provide emergency eye care safely and effectively. At Southwood Eyecare, we have the skills and equipment necessary to give you the help you need. Contact us today.

Recognizing Eye Emergencies

Possible Eye Emergency Symptoms

  • Losing any part of your vision without warning
  • Seeing floaters or flashes that were not there before
  • Significant portions of blurry vision
  • Sudden or intense eye pain
  • Sudden or intense headaches
  • Sudden or intense dizziness
  • Sudden or intense inflammation in or near the eyes
  • Getting hit in the face or head
  • Scraping or puncturing the eye
  • Having objects or substances stuck in the eye
  • Chemical conjunctivitis
  • Severe allergic reactions

How to Handle Eye Emergencies

If you even suspect that you might be having an eye emergency, you need an eye doctor’s help. Any risk to your vision or ocular health is too important to ignore—and trying to solve the problem yourself can make it worse.

Find the help you need by contacting your eye doctor. If we are not available for any reason, go to the nearest emergency room or call 911.

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Our Services

Comprehensive Eye Exams

The best thing you can do for your visual health is to get regular eye exams. Our thorough exams include detailed explanations of all tests, plus advanced diagnostic imaging.

Relief From Dry Eye

Our dry climate combined with the digital reality of many people’s working lives makes irritating dry eye symptoms incredibly common among Calgarians. Learn how we can help you find relief.

Contact Lens Fittings

Your eyes deserve fresh-feeling, comfortable contacts that deliver impeccable vision. Allow our optometrist to help you find the optimal fit and prescription for your unique eyes.

Prescription Eyewear

Gorgeous frames? Check. Flawless lenses? Check. Find your new favourite glasses in our optical boutique.

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