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Back-To-School Eye Care At Southwood Eyecare

With back-to-school just around the corner, it is important to schedule an eye exam for your child before school starts. Children are prone to develop many eye conditions, such as strabismus and amblyopia, that can affect how they learn in school. To maximize your child’s vision and eye health, contact our optometrists at Southwood Eyecare in Calgary for a pediatric eye exam.

How to Protect Your Child’s Vision

This time of year becomes important in scheduling appointments because it is when children start school. Children between the ages of 6 and 18 can unexpectedly experience vision changes, which can affect how they perform in school. Parents may hear of their children complaining about having blurry vision and headaches. Sometimes, a child may not know that he or she is dealing with a problem. Some exhibiting signs that a child might be dealing with a visual problem are the following:

  • Having the head tilted on the side to see better
  • Constant eye rubbing
  • Avoiding to read materials or doing any close-up activities
  • Having a short attention span

At our eye care facility, our eye doctors can determine what the problem is with a pediatric eye exam, and we can suggest several solutions that can help your child in the classroom and at home.

Contact Our Optometrists in Calgary for More Information about Our Back-To-School Eye Care Solutions

It’s essential that your child sees an eye doctor annually to prevent visual problems from happening and to detect eye conditions early on. At your child’s appointment, we’ll ask you to fill out a health questionnaire. Our eye doctors will then conduct a few tests and discuss any treatment options your child might need. Call 587-355-8357 today to schedule an appointment with our optometrists at Southwood Eyecare in Calgary.

Written by Dr. Shmyla Chaudhery

Dr. Shmyla Chaudhery was born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She obtained a Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Manitoba and later completed the Doctor of Optometry program at Illinois College of Optometry graduating with Magna Cum Laude honours. Dr. Chaudhery is also a member of the Beta Sigma Kappa International Optometric Honor Society and the Tomb and Key Honor Fraternity. She has experience with pediatric eye exams, ocular disease, specialty contact lenses, and vision therapy. During her spare time, she enjoys playing badminton and spending time with her husband and kids.
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